.50 Caliber Custom Seabee Ammo Can



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.50 Caliber Custom Seabee Ammo Can.  Black or OD Green, comes with your battalion logo, SCW, or the Seabee Logo, on one side, and the iconic quote that resonates across every generation of Seabees,, “The Difficult we do now. The Impossible takes a little bit longer,” on the other side.  You can make this unique item even more personal by adding your rating and name under the logo of your choice! Every can purchased helps a wounded veteran and The U.S. Navy Seabee Museum.


Made by Wounded Veterans. Actual government issued ammo cans that are manufactured in the United States for the U.S. Military and used by the U.S. Military are used. The ammo cans are then refurbished and turned into Honor Cans.  The cans come with a whole lot of bumps, scratches and dents – and in some cases, covered in desert sand, a bit of rust and other debris. The cans are hand-sanded professionally powder coated in Black or OD Green and then a custom UV Print is added to display a recipients cherished service – then to finish it off, the handle is wrapped with survival cord (paracord) and felt pads are placed on the bottom. The cans are Air Tight, Waterproof and Fire Resistant so they are not only “cool”, they are also functional. Use them for passports, important documents, as your “go” box. They can be padlocked for an extra layer of safety. They are TSA compliant.

This is an amazing opportunity to help wounded veterans and support the Legacy of the U.S. Navy Seabees.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  These cans are made to order.  We apologize, due to weight and size, this item is not eligible for $4.99 flat rate shipping

If there is a battalion or unit not listed and you would like us to add it to the inventory please email us at seabeemuseumstore@live.com and we will get working on it.

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Seabee Logo, NMCB1, NMCB2, NMCB3, NMCB4, NMCB5, NMCB6, NMCB7-Bee and #7, NMCB 7-Man and #7, NMCB8, NMCB9, NMCB10, NMCB11, NMCB12, NMCB13, NMCB14, NMCB14 DIXIE, NMCB15, NMCB 16, NMCB17, NMCB18, NMCB20, NMCB21, NMCB22, NMCB23, NMCB24, NMCB25, 25 NCR, NMCB26, NMCB27, NMCB28, NMCB40, NMCB53, NMCB58, NMCB62, NMCB71, NMCB74, NMCB121, NMCB128, NMCB 133, CBMU301, CBMU302, CBMU303, ACB1, ACB2, UCT1, UCT2, 20TH NCR, 30TH NCR, 31ST NCR, NCG1, Seabee Logo, SCW GOLD, SCW SILVER, NSA DA NANG, CEC, WWII Veteran, Korea Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Desert Storm Veteran, Iraq Veteran, Afghanistan Veteran


Black, OD Green

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